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Two weeks ago, we made a commitment to prioritize the safety of program leaders and their students by updating our fundraising process to be fully digital


Despite the heartbreak and the disappointment, communities not only rallied behind their school programs, but continued to support their local businesses from take-out orders to gift card purchases.


To continue serving our communities and contribute to the nation’s outpour of support for its local organizations, we’ve opened the Snap! Raise platform to small business owners that have been directly impacted by COVID-19 across the country.


Local organizations can now use our online platform to seek community donations safely and securely. You can find out more about the Snap! Raise platform by clicking here, but we’ve highlighted the best features for you below.


Safe & Secure Transactions

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Snap! Raise was built with digital and financial safety in mind. We always verify payment and recipients via Stripe— our trusted partner— to allow for secure transactions and personal information protection.


No Hidden Fees

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Our campaigns have simple pricing, no confusing transaction fees or hidden donation processing charges. Raise more and keep more. 


Powerful & Effective Tools

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Our platform is simple to use and easy to manage, enabling you to track online donations or access robust, financial reports with a click of a button. All supporters receive a donation receipt and a nice "Thank You" message too!

We know that these are difficult and uncertain times, but we are here to support you however we can. Stay safe and know we’ve got your back.

If you're a small business owner and are interested in a Snap! Raise campaign, sign up below.

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